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I am under 18 years old. Can I get a tattoo at Diva's & Gentlemen?

Yes, but permission from your parent(s) or chaperone(s) is necessary. The permission can be given orally at our studio or through an official document (e.g. a statement of responsibility), which the young customer ought to bring with him/her.

I want to get a small tattoo. How much does it cost?

It will definitely be a pleasure for us to provide you with support and information before getting your tattoo. Nevertheless, we politely ask you to visit our studio in person so as to be informed about the exact design and the price of your small tattoo.

How should I take care of my new tattoo so as to avoid infections or skin problems?

It is essential for us that such instructions be given only face-to-face at the studio. Upon completing your new tattoo at the studio, we will provide you with both oral and written instructions about the treatment of your skin


I want to make an appointment with an artist and get a tattoo. Can I call you or send you a message so as to arrange an appointment?

Yes, you can but only for small & medium sizes, for portraits or sleeves is better to book an appointment, maxium waiting time for appointments is between 1-3 businees days.

I live abroad. Given that visiting the studio many times is difficult, can I make an appointment by telephone or by sending a message?

Yes. This is the one and only case in which making an appointment remotely is permitted. We kindly request you to send us a basic idea or description of the tattoo you consider getting. Then, please contact us by telephone so that we can decide upon the artist that will undertake your tattoo and make an appointment.

Do you make henna tattoos?

No, we don't unfortunatly/

I want to get a piercing. Do I have to make an appointment?

No, an appointment is not necessary. Just drop by our studio and we will immediately be at your service.

I want to be tattooed by a particular artist. Is it possible?

It depends. Each of our artists is specialized in a particular design style. So, an artist can undertake your order only on condition that the design that you want coincides with his specialty. If not, you will have to be tattooed by the artist that specializes in the tattoo style that you have ordered.

I ‘ve never gotten a tattoo before. This will be my first one. Can you give me some advice?

For any information or help having to do with your first tattoo, we kindly ask you to come by our studio. Only in this way can we provide you with all the special advice and help on picking up the right design and designer.

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