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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Welcome to our blog.

Hi my name is Eleftherios Andrian Peladis and I am the CEO of "Diva's & Gentlemen House of fine tattoing and piercing"!

The story behind my dream.

As a painter I am really pasionate about drawing unique tattoos for all my clients, honesty and morality are my moto in life. I believe every person on this planet is unique and they deserve a unique tattoo.

Why I am blogging.

I really love drawing and tattooing, so I thought to start blogging about all the latests news and updates in Tattoo industry, Drawing and news.

In my blog, I will let you know also how you can paint awesome paintings for everyone with zero painting or drawing skills, plus an aesthetic painting is always good for your home, office or as a gift.

Writer & Publicer:

Eleftherios Andrian Peladis

CEO of "Diva’s & Gentlemen"

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